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Why Enclosed Auto Transport?

We know that you have choices in transporting your vehicle. If you want complete peace of mind, then our enclosed auto transport is the way to go.

The Right Equipment for the Job

All of Passport Transport's carriers are custom-built, hard-sided and fully enclosed. We know every car is different, so our carriers are engineered with versatility in mind, able to safely transport any vehicle from a carriage to a racecar with minimal handling.

Complete Protection

With our hard-sided, enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is completely protected from every hazard on the road, from dirt and dust to rocks and weather. If you are moving a collector or classic automobile, you won't find a safer method to transport your vehicle than our enclosed vehicle shipping service.

Liftgates for Safe Loading

Your vehicle remaining horizontal is essential for safe loading. That's why Passport Transport trucks are equipped with hydraulic liftgates. It's like an elevator for your car, so your vehicle remains completely horizontal throughout the loading and unloading process.