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Car Transport Tips

Passport Transport provides the utmost care while handling your automobile. Here are some basic guidelines to remember when preparing your car for transport:

Do not fill the gas tank.

Only 1/4 tank of gas is necessary for transit.

Check your antifreeze levels.

If you are shipping a vehicle from a warm climate to a cold climate, be sure it has a sufficient amount of antifreeze. This will protect it from the cold weather.

Secure loose items in the vehicle.

Storing personal items in vehicles is strongly discouraged. However, if there are any loose items in the vehicle, be sure to secure them. We are not responsible for damages to, or caused by, the loose items in the vehicle.

Disable all alarm systems.

Although alarm systems should be disabled, please inform us of any alarms and provide instructions for operating the alarm should it be necessary.

Check tire pressure.

Tires should be inflated to their recommended pressure level to insure safe loading and unloading.

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Since our founding in 1970, we have shipped thousands of treasured vehicles door-to-door with our fully enclosed auto transporters. We take the extra steps to ensure your vehicles' safety because we share your appreciation of fine automobiles.

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