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Company History

One MG and Robert Pass was hooked - he became an instant car enthusiast. Since purchasing that MG in high school, Pass has logged many hours restoring cars in his garage, attending auctions and visiting car shows.

As a car hobbyist, Pass realized automobile transportation was risky. Enclosed auto transportation had not yet arrived, and open transport was the only type available at the time and subjected delicate, collector cars and classic cars to rough weather and road grime. The large collector car auctions and private sales that were beginning to take off spelled opportunity for Pass.

In 1970, Pass purchased Frosty’s Delivery Service, a car delivery service equipped with two flatbed trucks, and renamed it Passport Transport. With three employees Pass, another driver and a secretary Pass was on his way to becoming an entrepreneur and enclosed auto transporter.

It wasn’t long before Pass decided to implement an idea that revolutionized the industry. He rented tractors and purchased furniture trailers from a local retailer, altering the 40-foot trailers to enable them to haul two vehicles. With the new equipment, Passport Transport became the only U.S. company equipped and insured for classic car transport.

By the mid-70s, Pass decided that the converted furniture vans needed improving. Specialized trailers to haul vehicles were not on the market, so Passport hired an engineer to design and build its own, becoming the first carrier to offer custom-built enclosed auto transport carriers. By the early-80s, Passport had 18 trucks on the road, many of which were equipped to haul six vehicles at once. Expanding its capabilities yet again, Passport introduced the most sophisticated liftgate trailers in the industry in 1994, enabling the company to handle the highest load capacity available as an enclosed auto transporter.

In 2000, Pass sold Passport Transport to Passport Transport Custom Critical, North America’s largest time-critical shipment expeditor. Since the sale, Passport is bigger and better than ever, with a fleet of fully enclosed trailers for classic car transport. Pickup times are faster than ever before and customer satisfaction continues to, and always will be, top priority. In 2010 Passport returned to private ownership through a management buy-out. Passport continues to be a pioneer in the industry being the only enclosed transporter to offer real-time online GPS tracking of vehicles during transit and one of a kind international door-to-door enclosed service.

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About Us

Since our founding in 1970, we have shipped thousands of treasured vehicles door-to-door with our fully enclosed auto transporters. We take the extra steps to ensure your vehicles' safety because we share your appreciation of fine automobiles.

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